why horns

About 30 years ago I fell in love with the Hi-Fi hobby, and of course not only Hi-Fi, also music.

As a young boy I couldn’t imagine a life without music.
Everything started with the construction of a horn loudspeaker, the "Schmackshorn. Later I started to build speakers for some friend of mine and every euro I earned I reinvested in the next project. After a few years, when I become 18 Years old, I started to copy the respective reference speakers Matrix 800 and Nautilus of Bowers & Wilkins and the Infinity IRS Beta. At this time maybe the best sounding speaker on the planet.
But over the time I felt that I needed some new input, something different, "The missing Link". And then, finally in 2005 it happened. I had the opportunity to listen to the first big exponential snail horn, the Sato. That was a completely new experience for me after all the years of searching for new input. Over the next two years I travelled around Asia and parts of Europe to listen to the biggest horn speakers, designed by Western Electric in the 1920’s and 30’s, the 15A, 13A 16A and the tiny 22A. Along the way I also listened to the other famous large horn designs, like the Klangfilm Bionor and Eurodyn and finally the Shearer horn.
 In 2007 it was time to start my first snail horn project. A newly developed Sato horn with an extension of 3/4" to match up with a compression driver developed by a friend of mine. 
Hornsolutions was born and the story continues.............


During a setup in the south of France

How to set up a hornsolutions system

There are two possibilities for set up. The customer can do it if they like or if they prefer, Hornsolutions will do it (at no additional charge). If the customer does the installation, we are available anytime by email and/or phone to assist with any questions or guidance. Once manual assembly is completed we then take over to measure and fine tune the system. Our proprietary DSP software "The Room" allows us to tailor your Hornsolutions loudspeaker system performance, including phase, delay, group delay, frequency response and tonality, precisely to your needs. This service is always available anywhere worldwide, as long as you own the system which means upgrades are not a problem.