Hornsolutions creating the extraordinary
   Hornsolutions                                                                                                                           creating the extraordinary  

Welcome to Hornsolutions                                         


We are offering extraordinary Solutions. Custommade Hornspeakerdesigns, optimized for your Room. Because every Room has it's own "Sound".

Look around and please contact us for your individual needs.

Wir bieten ihnen außergewöhnliche Hornlautsprecher Systeme. Handgefertigte und auf ihren Raum zugeschnittene Lösungen.

Denn: "Jeder Raum klingt anders"

Schauen sie sich um und kontaktieren sie uns um ihre Wüsche wahr werden zu lassen.












The Caeles turntable. Definitly the best turntable ever build.









Our philosophy

About 30years ago I fell in love with the hobby Hi-Fi,and of course not only Hi-Fi, but also music. As a young boy I could'nt imagine a live without music.

Everything started with the construction of a horn loudspeaker, the "Schmackshorn. Later I started to build some other speaker for some friend of mine and every dollar I earned I reinvested in the next project. After a few years I started to copy the respective reference speakers Matrix 800 and Nautilus of Bowers & Wilkins and the Infinity IRS Beta. At this time maybe the best sounding speaker on the planet.

But during the years I felt that i needed new input, something different. And 2005 it happened. I had the opportunity to listen to the first big exponential snail horn, the Sato. That was a completely new experience for me after all the years of searching for new input.

Over the next two years I travelled around in asia and some parts of europe to listen to the biggest horn speakers in the history. Western Electric 15A, 13A 16A and the tiny 22A, Klangfilm Bionor and Eurodyn and also the shearer horn.

 In 2007 it finally was time to start my first snail horn project. A newly developed Sato horn with an extension of 12" to match up with a copression driver which was developed by a friend.

Hornsolutions was born and the story continues.............



Horns / Hörner 





Individuell aufgebauter Hörraum mit zwei aus Stahlbeton gegossenen Basshörnern, unserem Satohorn und unseren 666 Treibern.

Customemade Listeningroom with concrete 16Hz Basshorns, Satohorn and the phenomenal Compressiondriver 666



Our Listeningroom / Unser Hör

 und Vorführraum



Sie sind herzlich eingeladen uns zu besuchen. Bringen sie ihre eigenen LP's oder CD's mit und lassen Sie sich von uns überraschen.

Please contact us for a Listeningsession. Come aroud with your own music and have some relaxed hours



Crossover Informations on Facebook incl. Video




Weitere Informationen zum DSP oder unseren Treibern erhalten sie immer aktuell auf unserer Facebook Seite oder auf Anfrage.

Visit us at our actual Facebook Page which is updated daily. 



Our works





Mit Liebe zum Detail ausgefürte Perfektion.

Passion for the Detail in every step we do. 











Analog Source is the Caeles Turntable.




Our Mono and Stereo Amplifier infront of the Hornsystem



Full activ 4 Way Hornsystem.



We are sure, that if a dog enjoys our Sound, you will also love it



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