Three way full activ horn loaded system. 



     Front loaded bass horn. Driven by 6x 15" in a 285 cm long air column ending up in a 10.5 sqm  horn mouth. 



      Hornsolutions WE66A with the famous and well known 666 compression driver. 



     Elysio HT16 with the hornsolutions Beryllium tweeter. 


The whole system is realized in a concentric arrangement of all three horns. By this we get the complete sound on one sound-axis. 

 A worlds first in this execution.



     "The Room" DSP with IIR and FIR filters, phase correct and time aligned. 



     Hornsolutions analogue drive unit. 



     Hornsolutions 4 ins. All settings switchable from the listening position. 



     Kaneda pure class A or on request SE tube amps. 


The sound?

     The end of your journey. 



How do you know that your speaker is doing everything right? 

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. You know it when you stop asking yourself this question. Perfection is the goal and the end of the journey. Entering the world of hornsolutions is the first step into a new dimension of sound. 

The analog source

The Hornsolutions "analog drive unit" is the woldwide first turntabe with a belt driven and a direct drive operating system. 


- Horizontally and vertically operating air bearing with an accuracy of concentricity of 0,1µm. Additional delrin axis with adjustable pressure to transfer resonances produced by play back to the sub chassis.

- Sub chassis with pneumatic, self adjustable dampers.

- Play back platter manufactured from POM, completely decoupled from the driven platter, which is manufactured of a mix of metals and multiple liquid compounds. That assures that no disturbances generated by drive mechanism can reach the pick up. Also the play back platter has a very low ability to store energy.

- Tone arm base is constructed in a way, that the tone arm is decoupled from the sub chassis with specially designed spikes, but also stays in exact stable position. All three tone arm bases with completely adjusted tone arms can be exchanged in less than a minute, without loosing the adjustments. 

- All components optimized for freedom of resonances and reflections.

- Extremely accurate and disturbance free drive system with a pulley of 16,775 cm diameter which also acts as a fly wheel.

- The direct drive motor uses a two phase torque motor with implemented air bearing. This motor uses 18.000 control and measuring points per rotation to achieve the perfect and stabil speed. By interpolalation with a microcontrol-generator , we reach 900.000 possible corrections during one rotation.

- Wow and Flutter of 0.001 in direct drive mode and 0.003 in case of the belt driven motor.

- Self-resonance of approximately 1.5 Hz.

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