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We are offering individual, customized horn solutions, based on the traditional Designs of Western Electric, but in a modern way of design and development. Horns without any kind of coloration or "horn sound". 

On the top you can see the Sato. Also we are offring the small Sato, the Western Electric 15A and the Hornsoltions WE66A. As tweeter horns we are using the outstanding Elysio horns. HT 9, HT16 and the HT 25. For bass horns or Open Baffles, please contact us.



Wir bieten Ihnen individuelle auf den Kunden, und vor allem auf seinen Raum zugeschnittene Lösungen. Dies umfasst Basshörner, Mitteltonhörner wie das Satohorn, das WE15A, das WE66A oder das kleine Sato, welches dem kleinen WE22A  in seinen Maßen und der unteren Grenzfrequenz sehr ähnlich ist. Des Weiteren bieten wir unterschiedliche Varianten für den Hochtonbereich, wie das Elysio Hochtonhorn unseres Kooperationspartners Elysio Acoustic. Für maaßgeschneiderte und auf ihren Raum angepasste Bass Lösungen setzen sie sich bitte persönlich mit uns in Verbindung. Zusätzlich greifen wir auf computergestützte Einmessverfahren zurück, welche es uns erlauben jedes unserer Systeme weltweit in Echtzeit einzumessen. Das ganze auf Wunsch phasenkorrekt über den kompletten Frequenzgang per Amplituden Einmessung.











The Satohorn

The Satohorn was designed by the great Mr Susumo Sato in the late 60th. He wanted to design a Horn which is a little bit smaller than the Western Electric WE15A, but still able to play the deepest Midrange Frequencies.

Indeed the sato even has a more linear Frequency response than all the traditional WE Horns. For Frequencyresponse Measurements please scroll down.


The original Sato was around 180 cm long to mount a 2" compression driver and had a straigt Throat.

The Hornsolutions Satohorn is a longer version to mount a 3/4" or 1" Compressiondriver and has a curved Throat like the Westen Electric Horns. 




Low cut off                                                         96Hz

Size                                                                      106 x 106 cm 

horn lenght                                                        218 cm

Directivity around                                           38%

Usable Low Frequency Limit                        150Hz

Recommended Crossover Frequency          160Hz / 5.000Hz


Pair Price                                                           8.890.-€












Throat of the Satohorn

Hornsolutions is the only Company which offers the Sato with the curved Throat.

The small Satohorn with WAF 

The small Sato we've developed for people with smaller Space or the ones,  who have to deal with the WAF. It's not a  Western Electric WE22A Copy, but the Frequencyresponse and the cut-off is nearly equal. We also offering very small Bass Enclosures based on the Altec Voice of the Theater which are a perfect with our "Babysato".




Low cut off                                                         138Hz

Size                                                                      76 x 76 cm 

Hornlenght                                                        175 cm

Directivity around                                           38%

Usable Low Frequency Limit                        250Hz

Recommended Crossover Frequency          280Hz / 6.000Hz


Pair Price                                                           6.900.-€













Straight Throat small Sato

The small Sato can be ordered with straight or curved Throat

The Western Electric WE66A

The WE66A wasn't designed by Western Electric. The design was an idea of the great Jean Hiraga many years ago.


The complete horn is an 33% reduced version of the Western Electrric 15A. Thats why it's called 66A. It is simply 66% of the 15A.

In our opinion, the most beautiful horn on planet Earth.



Low cut off                                                         96Hz

Size                                                                      106 x 106 cm 

horn lenght                                                        270 cm

Directivity around                                           38%

Usable Low Frequency Limit                        160Hz

Recommended Crossover Frequency          165Hz / 5.000Hz


Pair Price                                                           14.990.-€














Western Electric Fan, Friend and owner

Hornsolution is the only Company worldwide that is building the WE66A

Western Electric WE15A

The Western Electric is the ultimate horn. Designed in the 1920th from the Western Electric company to bring sound to the old cinemas.



Low cut off                                                         50Hz

Size                                                                      144 x 144 cm 

Hornlenght                                                        538 cm

Directivity around                                           45%

Usable Low Frequency Limit                        80Hz

Recommended Crossover Frequency          2100Hz / 6.000Hz


Pair Price                                                           24.000.-€


The optional stand is available in any wood you like. 

Pair price 2.390.-€












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The ultimate sounding 1920th survivor horn



The Hornsolutions BH 416/515

One of our bass horn designs. This bass horn uses two Altec 416B or 515B chassis. It#s not an pure frontloaded horn construction. We also use reflex channels of nearly 180 cm to reach a lower frequencyresponse. The BH 416 can be used from 25Hz up to 1000Hz and the BH 515 can be used from 35 up to 1200Hz-



Low cut off                                                         25/35Hz

Size                                                                      180 cm wide x 80 cm                                                                                high x 120cm deep

horn lenght                                                        65 cm

Directivity around                                            38%

Usable Low Frequency Limit                         25/35Hz

Recommended Crossover Frequency           25Hz / 200Hz



12.990.-€ per Unit












 BH 416

Frontloaded basshorn with reflex channeling 25Hz till 1200Hz 

Elysio Acoustics Tweeterhorns

For 5 Years now we have been using the Elysio Tweeterhorn in our Showroom. First we started with a Prototyp of the small HT 25, which covers the frequency range from 2.500Hz up to 20.000Hz. 

Today we use these Horns in all our Sytems.

Depending on the size of the Bass-Midrangehorn we choose the HT 25 in case of the small Sato, the HT 16 we combine with the Satohorn and the WE66A and the HT 9 we use in combination with the Western Electric 15A.

In the Photo above you can see a HT 9 implemented in the WE15A.

As you can see we suspend the Elysio horns inside the Mouth of the larger snail horns. This makes for a concentrical arrangement of the drivers similar to the old Altec 605 Duplex and the Tannoy dual concentric drivers. All the Drivers are on the same Soundaxis.

The rersult of this speaker arrangementis is one Part of our success.

On top the Elysio horns are build with special covers at the backside to prevent internal reflections inside of our snail horns. 

The Elysio Horn can be used in all kinds of large horns and also in other types of speaker designs.

There are three Size versions available. 




HT 9          900Hz till 20.000Hz

Size:           33x36x70 cm


Price 7.500.-€




HT 16         1.600Hz till 20.000Hz

Size:           24x26x46 cm


Price 4.900.-€




HT 25        2.500Hz till 20.000Hz

Size:           13x16x29 cm


Price 3.500.-€




All three Versions are available in any RAL color and in 3 different directivity ranges


100°/100°, 80° / 60°, 70° / 40°.



Price includes a custom made passiv filter and compression driver in case of the HT 25 and HT 16











Elysio HT 16

For high frequencies we simply trust in the work of Elysio Acoustics HT horns

Compression-driver 666

The compression driver is one of the most important parts in any horn system. Low distortion, a high SPL and a flat response are the main goals during the Development. 


The Measurerment of our 666 compression driver demonstrates the extrem low distortion and the Ultra flat response. On the actual market our driver has simply no competitioner. 

1.Magnitude frequency response (black)

2. THD 2                                          (grey)

3. THH 3                                          (red)


For further Informations, please contact us. Orders can be placed and will be delivered within 4 weeks.




1" driver 

2" diaphragm

Usable from 80Hz up to 6.000Hz

Motor 23.500 Gauss / 2.35 Tesla

SPL 113dB 1 Watt/ 1 Meter

Distortion o.1% at 90dB 250 mW/ 1 Meter




Width 16.10cm

Depth 10.97cm

Weight 9.60 Kg

 1 3/8 thread


Price 5.995.-€


666  Specs

On this Graph you can see the Frequencyresponse/Magnitude of the 666 and the distortion THD2 and THD3 in relation to the SPL Measurment is done with 250 mW Input. At this Level we already achive nearly 90 dB

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