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Activ and passiv Crossovers & DSP                                                                        

This activ crossover is a multipurpose stereo application, designed to sit in the heart of your sound system, between your sources and amplifier. It indeed is both, a multi-way DSP filtering Processor and also a complete interfacing solution, providing the same comfort you would expect from a modern integrated amp. But here it comes as a one box solution.











The active Crossover with DSP and Room Correction


For 15 years we've been working on traditional crossovers and for sure we have achieved really good results over this time. When used in conventional loudspeakers, however, the requirements are completly different from horn loudspeakers with lenght of a few meters. This circumstance forced us to rethink and take a different approach. Electronic delay, phase correction, IIR and FIR filters and slopes are definitly much more than simle gadgets. Therefore we've decided to break with some audiophile constraints.

Attached are the basic specifications of the DSP, which is also a pre amp and x-over-


6-channel DSP crossover with integrated stereo preamplifier.
 A/D and D/A converter with 24 bit / 96 kHz, DSP processing 48 bits/96 kHz, PC - programming via software.

This dsp is individual configurable or expandable to the needs of the customer.

- 5 x stereo inputs (4 x RCA, 1 x XLR)
- 6 x digital inputs (3 x Coax, 3 x optical) for S/PDIF signals
- 6 x outputs via RCA and XLR (only 3U device) for channels CH 1 to CH 6 switchable GND-Lift
- optional: 5 / 12 VDC remote switch, IR additional connection, display connection
- DSP processing 48 bit / 96 kHz of all output channels, programming via USB with the control Software 
- 4 programmable presets for different sound characters can be stored.
- Extended input level for all analog inputs, switchable from 1.5 V to 4.5 V (via relay)
- Switchable automatic switch-on for the Line1 and XLR input in low/mid / high steps
- Easy operation of all switching functions on the device or via the supplied remote control
- Volume control at analog level for better resolution of signal processing in the
Digital tract. Setting range 90 dB in 0.5 / 1 dB steps.

(display -80 dB to +10 dB)
- Consistent use of high-quality components, as well as MKS, Mundorf or clarity caps in the signal path.
Technical data for preamplifier and DSP section
- 4 x stereo via RCA jacks, input impedance 10 k, (5 Hz - 100 kHz, +/-0.5 dB)
- 1 x stereo XLR input in studio quality, input impedance 10 k, CMRR > 90 dB
- (5 Hz - 100 kHz, +/-0.5 dB), input converter That 1200S
- Input select of the analog inputs via high-quality signal relays
- Level adjustment of input sensitivity via reed relays
with control limits 1.5 V / 3 V / 4.5 V eff.
- Switchable automatic switch-on for input: Line 1 and XLR with switchable threshold:
low = 3 mV eff. / mid = 6 mV eff. / high = 12 mV eff.
- Operational amplifier OPA1612 in the signal path.


Available in anodized black or silver.



Price 2.100.-€


Passiv x-overs

Just in case you still want to order your hornsolutions system with an passive x-over. No problem, just contact us.

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