"The Room" dsp,x-over and pre amplifier

We designed our DSP the other way around: "The Room" is an advanced 8-channel DSP with amazing specifications ans skills, untouchable versatility and a really easy-to-use interface. It turns out, that there should be as few restrictions as possible in terms of connectivity and performance, but as simple as possible and remotely controllable if possible.



Sampling rates supported by the hardware: 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz

8 analog balanced inputs, +6 dBu

8 analog balanced outputs, +6 dBu

S / P-DIF input and output

ADAT input and output

Word clock input and output

A freeDSP expansion connection

USB Audio Class 2 bidirectional streaming with 8 input and 8 output channels,

full duplex. Compatible with ASIO drivers on Windows 10 and driverless on macOS

and Linux.

Control via web application


Input selection

High pass up to 4th order (Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley)

Depth shelving

Parametric EQs

Height shelving

Low pass up to 4th order (Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley)

Allpass (frequency-dependent phase shift)

Phase inversion

Delay 0 upto 100ms

You can use IIR or FIR filters (also both at the same setup). A maximum of 20,000 FIR taps are available, which can be divided into up to 8 channels.


You can make all settings via a web application. A dedicated web server is installed on the main board for this purpose. As soon as you have connected to "The Room" via ad-hoc WiFi or integrated "The Room" into your network, you can call up the web application in your browser. "The Room" can be operated with any Internet-enabled device. Regardless of whether Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android, as long as a corresponding browser is installed. No software installation is necessary on your device.


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